Vertebrate Zoology 62(3): 399-406, doi:
Two new species of the genus Parosphromenus (Teleostei: Osphronemidae) from Sumatra
expand article infoIngo Schindler, Horst Linke
Open Access
Parosphromenus gunawani spec. nov. (previously known as P. spec. “Danau Rasau”) and P. phoenicurus spec. nov. (previously known as P. spec. “Langgam”) are described from Sumatra, Indonesia. Parosphromenus gunawani is similar to P. bintan but differs from it by lacking the prominent broad blue band in the caudal fin of males. It is distinguished from the remaining species of the genus by an unique combination of meristic and colour character states. Parosphromenus phoenicurus can be distinguished from all the other species of the genus by the rhombic caudal-fin shape in males (versus round or lanceolate with filaments).
Teleostei, Osphronemidae, Parosphromenus, taxonomy, new species, Sumatra, Indonesia, biodiversity.