Vertebrate Zoology 63(1): 3-8, doi:
A new Nematocharax species from the middle Contas River basin, Northeastern Brazil (Characiformes: Characidae)
expand article infoPedro Henrique Negreiros De Bragança, Maria Anaïs Barbosa, José Leonardo Oliveira Mattos
‡ UFRJ - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Open Access
Nematocharax costai, new species is described from the Contas river basin, northeastern Brazil. The new species is included in the genus Nematocharax by possessing elongated branched dorsal-, anal- and pelvic-fin rays; two rows of pre-maxillary teeth in adults and practically complete row of teeth along the free ventral maxillary border. It differs from N. venustus, unique congener, by the number of maxillary teeth in adult males; absence of hooks and spinules on dorsal and pelvic fins; reduced number of anal-fin rays with spinules; presence of a long dark pink horizontal mark on caudal peduncle; number of supraneurals and pelvic-fin filament yellow.
Characidae, Neotropical, Northeastern Brazil, Systematics, Taxonomy