Vertebrate Zoology 63(2): 161-169, doi:
Australoheros sanguineus sp. n. - a new cichlid species from the rio Cubat\xc3\xa3o basin, southern Brazil (Cichlidae: Heroini)
expand article infoFelipe Polivanov Ottoni§
‡ Universidade Federal do Maranhão, Chapadinha, Brazil§ Federal University of Maranhão, Brazil
Open Access
A new species of Australoheros is herein described from the rio Cubatão basin, southern Brazil. The new species differs from all its congeners mainly by the following character states: presence of a conspicuous rounded caudal-fin base; presence of two blood red regions on the corners of caudal-fin posterior margin; absence of conspicuous metallic blotches on anal-fin base; absence of a red pigmented line on dorsal-fin margin; presence of one conspicuous blue iridescence bar on dorsal-margin; more pectoral-fin rays (14); fewer proximal radials on dorsal-fin base (24 – 25); more proximal radials on anal-fin base (13); anal-fin base squamation beginning at 7th anal-fin spine; and dorsal-fin base squamation beginning between 11th and 12th dorsal-fin spine.
Australoheros facetus, coastal basins, Santa Catarina state, Joinville municipality, Labroidei, taxonomy