Vertebrate Zoology 63(2): 171-181, doi:
Apistogramma aguarico sp. n.: A new species of geophagine cichlid fish (Teleostei: Perciformes) from the Ecuadorian and Peruvian río Napo system
expand article infoUwe Römer, Ingo Hahn
Open Access
A new species of Apistogramma, Apistogramma aguarico sp. n., is described from Ecuador, based on a total of 9 specimens collected from an oxbow lake (appr. 09°47′ S / 75°57′ W) connected to the Rio Lagartococha, an affluent of the Rio Aguarico, which is part of the Rio Napo system in the north east of Ecuador close to the border with Peru. Apistogramma aguarico sp. n. is distinguished from all other Apistogramma species by the combination (in adult males) of: truncate unmarked caudal fin with streamer-like extensions to both upper and lower lobes in large individuals; four irregular abdominal lines formed by series of highly variable spots; serrate dorsal fin with membranes clearly prolonged past tips of spines; and ivory spot surrounding and including pectoral-fin base. The species is thought to be a representative of the Apistogramma eunotus complex within the Apistogramma regani lineage.
Cichlidae, ecology, freshwater, ichthyology, Neotropics, new taxa, systematics.