Vertebrate Zoology 63(2): 241-246, doi:
Population density of the Blanford's fox Vulpes cana in Jordan
expand article infoEhab Eid, Natalia Boulad, Thabit Al Share, Omar Abed, Yasmin Hageer
Open Access
A survey of the Blanford’s fox was established in Jabal Masuda (Southern Jordan), to increase the knowledge of its density. Live-trapping method was used and capture mark-recapture technique was applied. We captured a total of 27 specimens including nine re-captured specimens. Density was determined using two methods: the Bondrup-Nielsen formula which identified 8.5 individuals per km², and the ArcGIS tools which showed values, between 0.177 to 9 individuals per km². This paper is the first to give measured information on the Blanford’s fox density in Jordan. As well, it showed that ArcGIS 9.3 Spatial Analyst Extension is an effective tool in establishing information on density in large spatial areas. The information provided could serve as a base for future monitoring of the Blanford’s fox’s range of occurrence.
Blanford’s fox, Jabal Masuda, Jordan, Population Density, Vulpes cana, ArcGIS.