Vertebrate Zoology 66(2): 141-150, doi:
Apistogramma sororcula, a new dwarf cichlid (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from the drainage of the rio Guaporé in Bolivia and Brazil
expand article infoWolfgang Staeck, Ingo Schindler
Open Access
Apistogramma sororcula sp. n. is described from the drainage of the the rio Guaporé in Bolivia (Departamento Beni) and Brazil (Estado Mato Grosso). It can be distinguished from all the other described Apistogramma species by the following combination of characters of the males: upper pectoral spot present, chin with dark band just below lower lip, a suborbital stripe becoming ventrally much wider, on bases of anterior abdominal scales several short vertical streaks forming oblique stripes, small round caudal spot, lateral band reaching caudal fin or caudal spot, produced dorsal-fin lappets, truncate caudal fin with streamers and distinct pattern of narrow vertical stripes, filamentous extensions of the pelvic fins and only three infraorbital pores. It is most similar to Apistogramma staecki Koslowski, 1985, but differs from this species by the higher number of 10 to 12 vertical stripes on the caudal fin of adult males, a lateral band reaching caudal fin or caudal spot, short vertical abdominal stripes on bases of scales of the anterior body and produced dorsal-fin lappets.
Ichthyology, taxonomy, Cichlinae, Geophagini, new species, rio Guaporé, río Iténez, Departamento Beni (Bolivia), Estado de Mato Grosso (Brazil).