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Animal Science and Zoology
Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics
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Research fields covered by Vertebrate Zoology are ta‍xo‍no‍my, mor‍pho‍logy, an‍at‍omy, phy‍lo‍ge‍ny (mo‍le‍cu‍lar and mor‍pho‍lo‍gy-based), hi‍sto‍ri‍cal bio‍geo‍gra‍phy, and pa‍lae‍on‍to‍lo‍gy of ver‍te‍bra‍tes. We specifically encourage submissions of comprehensive and comparative investigations using integrative approaches and several lines of evidence (e.g., taxonomic revisions, manuscripts with multiple species descriptions, comprehensive morphological comparisons, etc.).

The publication of longer manuscripts or monographs is only possible after prior consultation with the Editor-in-Chief.

Publication types: Research article, Review article, Methods, Editorial, Corrigendum
ISSN 2625-8498 (online) | ISSN 1864-5755 (print)
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